Bay Breeze Day Camp 

Bay Breeze Camp
The Wubulous World of Camp at Bay Breeze

June 23 - 27, 2014


Please make sure you read all documentation that was sent and that the girls have all the required equipment. 

Monday - Aides, AIT's and Cadettes need to remember to bring a towel, bathing suits and a clean change of clothing for the evening event. 

Girls should be bringing lunches everyday - EXCEPT for cooking day and your girls Leaders will send a note home on which day your unit is assigned.

Juniors are to pack a lunch every day and will be provided:
Dinner on Wednesday
Breakfast & Lunch on Thursday

Aides, AIT's and Cadettes are to pack a lunch every day and will be provided:
Dinner on Monday & Wednesday 
Breakfast & Lunch on Thursday


The news is EXCITING! We’re ready for camp!
Whether the sun comes out or we get a bit damp
We hope you are ready for scout songs and fun
Come play in the woods and get out of the sun!
Come romp in our field where the breezes blow cool
Sorry friends, no flush toilets, no wi-fi, no pool

  The leaders are volunteers and they give up their time 

To sing with the campers while marching in line
We will cook over fires, make s’mores and great crafts
We’ll shoot arrows and play games like Vic-ala ka-laft  

We will hunt shark’s teeth on the beach
From eons ago
The girls must ride busses
Both to camp and fro  

Two special nights we have planned for our girls who are older
To sit and sing songs while the fire embers smolder
The Cadettes, AITS, and our Aides will leave Monday
to play in the pool, and to finish their fun day.

  Wednesday night is the time for the sleepover fun
Only Juniors and up will stay over and run
Til the wee hours of the night
While the little bugs bite
We’ll sit in the field to watch a cool movie
From inside our tents it can be really groovy!

Parents & Guardians - Packets that will contain what Unit and Bus Stop your camper is assigned to will be emailed around June 10th.

Overnight for Juniors and above on Wednesday June 25th
Field Trip for Cadettes and above on Monday June 23rd


To Volunteer and join our AWSOME and FANSTICAL STAFF
Contact Charron Dean, aka C-Turtle, Director, at

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